Thursday, July 3, 2008

Milos in Miles End

Drove up to Avenue du Parc between Fairmont and St. Viateur (the "bagel" streets) and had dinner at Milos, an absolutely spectacular Greek Seafood restaurant. This place has fresh fish and I mean fresh off the boat/on the plane/onto the ice/ and into the frying pan fresh...same day. Nothing kitschy about this place either...not a blue and white column to be seen...We had fresh delicately fried sardines (not those little weeny ones in the can) but good sized fresh from the sea! Then we had a fabulous tomato salad with "tomatoes that tasted like tomatoes" and barbouni (a red mullet: the fish not the hairdo). everything was delicious. As we're trying to both lose weight we didn't have dessert this time...but that also look fresh made and they appeared to have some kind of fresh fruit salad for next time...we'll leave room
Before dinner we walked up Parc and up and down Bernard street in Outremont area. Delightful area. Saw another mussels place that we will return to...had a wonderful patio along the sidewalk. Found a great gourmet grocery store called Five Spices...we FINALLY found old fashioned brown sugar...its really hard to find in Quebec...must be an American thing...we can find crystal brown sugar...but not the squishy soft kind.

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