Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Hot Here!

Thank god for air conditioning. We are in St. Pete in September, sweltering in the humidity left behind by the fringes of Ike. We are here to work on house plans and permitting issues not because we thought…hmmm September in Florida what a nice time of year for a visit!!! Took a walk today…it was 92…but felt hotter…I’m thinking I must be having a hot flash…well who would know because it was a “feels like” temperature of 110 according to the Weather Channel…egads…no wonder we’ve escaped to the air conditioned bedroom of the little apartment we’ve been renting.

Speaking of the little apartment…we’d like to recommend this place for long and short term rentals. It’s called the Clamshell and is run by Tom Twiemken and his wife. We found it on (here is it URL: It’s a cute little one story small apartment complex with a center courtyard and off street parking. It’s clean, quiet and everyone is very friendly. It’s in a great location if you want to be near downtown ST. Pete, on the “tampa” side of St. Pete, and/or relatively near the Tropicana Dome (baseball). It comes with linens, equipped kitchen, comfortable bed, and good water pressure in the shower. And the owner has an adorable Yorkie named Cooper that loves to come over and say hi. We’ve used this place for a spot to stay when we come down to work on the house plans…we’re giving it up for a few months since we’re having notorious “permitting issues” and nothing is really happening. But we will be back, hopefully, next year. And also given the price of hotels in this town...the Clamshell is a really good value.

And speaking of hot!!! We drove up to Clearwater (on the Tampa side) to hear Chris Isaak (and Lisa Loeb who opened for him) at the Ruth Eckerd Hall. A great place and a great evening. Chris Isaak was VERY entertaining…talented…great voice with a huge range…I loved the rockabilly numbers and the blues and the rock and the…well everything. His band is super talented and a lot of fun. Put him on your list!

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