Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nannette of the North and friends on New Year

Christmas angels over the doorways of Notre Dame Basilica, Old Montreal

Throughout the month of December, Montreal celebrated with "Old Montreal's Extravanga Holiday 2008" which included amongst other things Saturday night partys at the outside skating rink, fireworks, bands,marshmellow toasting and an outdoor bar. Last night was the culmination of the festivities with the outdoor Grand Ball (fur lined hats recommended). The festivities centered on Place Jacques Cartier and the Old Port where people danced and hopped (hard to say if the hopping was music induced or an attempt to keep warm in 1 degree weather) to several bands including the crowd pleasing BardeFou a very popular band specializing in Quebecquois and Celtic music. Fireworks went off over the old port at last stroke of midnight. It was great fun! Despite the 1 degree weather. When one has on tights, knee high wool socks, thick corduroys, fur lined boots, an undershirt, a long sleeved high neck turtleneck under a long sleeved, wool turtleneck sweater with a sheered beaver coast, muffler, nanook of the north fur lined hat, and fingerless gloves inside thick fleece mittens...its hard to be miserably cold. Of course dancing was limited to jumping up and down with arms flapping!

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