Thursday, February 26, 2009

How Many Expos Can We attend in a week?

The answer is 3. If Montreal is the City of Festivals in the is clearly the City of Expos in February. The Montreal Motorcycle Show (you KNOW Jerry had to attend that one), The Montreal Bicycle Expo (not so hot...I was looking for a cool, comfortable, and cool in the temperature sense) bike helmet...they had no bike helmets...very little on the "accoutrement" side of things...just...BIKES! I'm mean really! And then today's Chasse et Peche Expo (Hunting and Fishing (and Camping too). Boats, ATVs, more boats, fishing rods, guns, more boats, RVS, trailers, pop up tents,and rows and rows and rows of outfitters, lodges, and more outfitters with maps and brochures and pictures of 100 lb trout and elks heads (or was that caribous...I think it was caribous). I mean the testerone was REALLY flowing in Old Montreal this week!

I admit we did find something pretty quirky at the Motorcycle Show. A distributor for URAL...a russain motorcycle with side car...made just like they've always made know those ones we'd see in old WW II movies...yep...the same ones...only nicer colors. I liked the side car...much more comfortable than squished on the tail end of the bike. here is a pic:

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