Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday in the Park With Deer

Yesterday (Sunday) we went for a walk on a gray late winter afternoon at Valley Forge National Historic Park. Everyone was out, people, dogs, birds, and deer. Corgis, westies, jack russells, loping hound dogs, and a chihuahua pup. Mockingbirds chased each other in a preview of spring rites. Winter juncos still hopped energetically in the brambles. Joggers, bikers, mom pushing strollers, dog walkers, monument lookers...all were out. And then there were the always lovely...and sadly in too large of numbers. But I love to see them regardless of the fact that they are eating themselves out of house and home. To watch them raise their heads above the rust colored grasses and gaze across a path to me with a kind of "ho hum" demeanour always makes me smile.

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