Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fairmount Park Houses, Philadelphia

Closer to home, Annette went with her Newcomers Club to tour several of the historic villas along the Schuylkill (School kill) River in Philadelphia. She saw 3 of the seven 18th and early 19th century historic houses that were originally built as rural country estates for prominent Philadelphia families. Today they sit inside the boundaries of the country's largest urban park, Fairmount Park. We visited (by trolley) Laurel Hill, Woodford, and Cedar Grove (pictured above). Cedar Grove is unique in that it was a home that stayed in the same family for 5 generations until given to the City AND it was given with all its contents. So it provides a very accurate glimpse into the home of a properous Quaker family of the time...simple but excellent quality always! For more information check out

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