Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Eating!

I'm home now from So Cal and planning to fast for a month! (not really...but it probably would do me good). We had a number of nice meals with friends and family and really enjoyed ourselves. A couple of standouts were:

Felix's Continental CAfe in Orange(on the circle). Felix's is a cuban and spanish restaurant. We used to love to eat there in the 80s before we moved. It was a delight to find the food as good as always. I had the roasted pork...yummmy. The arroz con leche for dessert was fabulous. We even were able to eat outside on their sidewalk cafe (courtesy of mild weather and a very efficient standing heater). Had dinner with Melanie and Andy, Mom, and Caitlin and David.

Las Brisas (on the cliff overlooking Main beach in Laguna Beach). Las Brisas has been there for years (since 1979) when it replaced the old historic Victor Hugo's (which was founded in the 30s). The last time I had been to Las BRisas was April 6th, 1988...why do I remember the date? Because I went into labor there! I had forgotten until I walked into the restaurant. We had lunch there with Betty and Del and dinner with Carol and Jerry. Enjoyed both. Had the crab and scallop cakes (an appetizer) for dinner and the garlic shrimp (also an appetizer) for lunch. All were happy with their meals. And the view for lunch was stupendous. They also have a bar menu and outdoors bar.

Anyone interested in an appetizer/dessert crawl? Judy and I were. We started at Lucille's for their fried dill pickles and a coke. Then we headed over to BJ's (originally for an appetizer AND dessert...but we ate too many there is a sentence you don't see written very often!). We had the baked cookies with ice cream and a glass of wine! Two great So Cal chains. and (BJ's is now spreading across the country)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Errands and Eating

Landed in LA on Sunday evening. Temps have been the 60s (around 48 at night so everyone here thinks its really cold...I just say its 40 degrees warmer than the last place I was...seems like nice weather to me). Have had a round of doctor's appts (just routine) with mom, errands (Costco, grocery, etc), visiting with friends, and eating! Let's get straight to the eating:

In-n-Out burgers. My favorite. Mom and I headed there for dinner on Monday. Hamburgers, french fries and a vanilla milk shake (so I can dunk my french fries IN the milk shake). I really miss In-n-Outs...I wish they'd come back east!

In-n-Out Burgers, Aliso Viejo, CA

Wahoos. A great chain for carnitas tacos, great burriots, and fish tacos (their original claim to fame). The chain started in the late 70s early 80s with a single storefront in Costa Mesa. Now, the family owned chain, has many spots all over So Cal.

Zinc's. This was one of our favorite spots for coffee and cafe au lait when we lived in Laguna in the 80s. Great breakfasts too. Located in downtown Laguna was "our" spot. Glad to see its still hear and still great.

Mange Bene. Went to dinner with Carol and Jerry last night to this Italian restaurant in Laguna Niguel (on La Paz road). I had the best grilled pork loin couldn't have been more tender if it was jello! pasta was good too. warm atmosphere, high ceilings, a good chianti by the glass, casual dining. full bar.

Monday, January 5, 2009

From 1 Degree to 65 degrees in less than 48 hours

We left Montreal on Saturday morning under cloudy but snowless skies. We traveled south in the wake of the platoon of Quebecquois RVs and Fifth Wheelers headed like snow geese south to Florida. Holidays with family were over and it is time for Canadians to get some sun and heat.

Arrived home where it was now 38 degrees. Unpacked, repacked and on Sunday afternoon I headed west to So Cal to visit my mother, family and friends, where it is in the 60s. I don't even need to wear socks with my cole-haan flats!

I'm now in the land of Polly's Pies, In and Out Burgers, really good mexican food, and fabulous grocery stores. Ready, set, GO!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Snow in the New Year

We woke to gray skies this morning that quickly turned to snow skies...its snowed all day until early evening. Beautiful big flat flakes. It was about 10 to 15 degrees...brrrr. We went up to the Cotes-Des-Neiges area and ate at our favorite Lebanese restaurant "Kabab" on Cotes-Des-Neiges Ave. They have great salads...very good schwarma...and excellent falafels. Very casual. (Bathrooms could be cleaner...but other than complaints).

Then we went to see the Warhol Live exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts on Sherbrooke. A fascinating exhibit looking at the influence of music and dance ON Andy Warhol and vice versa. Fascinating. My favorite piece was a double portrait of Aretha Franklin. We had hot chocolate in the cafeteria before heading back out into the snow. This is the second exhibit we've seen at the Museum (we saw the retrospective on Emily Carr last year). We've been impressed both times. We've yet to stroll their permanent collection...must put that on the list.!

Here are some pictures of the Old Port and some of the ships moored for winter at the docks.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Scenes from the New Year

This morning we braved the sunny but cold (1 degree) morning and ventured out for our delicious brunch at one of our favorite Les Bouchees Gourmand on Rue Bernard in Outremont. We then went for a drive along the Lachine Canal out to Lachine and then back on La Salle along the St. Lawrence and the Lachine Rapids. A beautiful we're watching bowl games in front of the fire.

Nannette of the North and friends on New Year

Christmas angels over the doorways of Notre Dame Basilica, Old Montreal

Throughout the month of December, Montreal celebrated with "Old Montreal's Extravanga Holiday 2008" which included amongst other things Saturday night partys at the outside skating rink, fireworks, bands,marshmellow toasting and an outdoor bar. Last night was the culmination of the festivities with the outdoor Grand Ball (fur lined hats recommended). The festivities centered on Place Jacques Cartier and the Old Port where people danced and hopped (hard to say if the hopping was music induced or an attempt to keep warm in 1 degree weather) to several bands including the crowd pleasing BardeFou a very popular band specializing in Quebecquois and Celtic music. Fireworks went off over the old port at last stroke of midnight. It was great fun! Despite the 1 degree weather. When one has on tights, knee high wool socks, thick corduroys, fur lined boots, an undershirt, a long sleeved high neck turtleneck under a long sleeved, wool turtleneck sweater with a sheered beaver coast, muffler, nanook of the north fur lined hat, and fingerless gloves inside thick fleece mittens...its hard to be miserably cold. Of course dancing was limited to jumping up and down with arms flapping!