Friday, January 2, 2009

Snow in the New Year

We woke to gray skies this morning that quickly turned to snow skies...its snowed all day until early evening. Beautiful big flat flakes. It was about 10 to 15 degrees...brrrr. We went up to the Cotes-Des-Neiges area and ate at our favorite Lebanese restaurant "Kabab" on Cotes-Des-Neiges Ave. They have great salads...very good schwarma...and excellent falafels. Very casual. (Bathrooms could be cleaner...but other than complaints).

Then we went to see the Warhol Live exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts on Sherbrooke. A fascinating exhibit looking at the influence of music and dance ON Andy Warhol and vice versa. Fascinating. My favorite piece was a double portrait of Aretha Franklin. We had hot chocolate in the cafeteria before heading back out into the snow. This is the second exhibit we've seen at the Museum (we saw the retrospective on Emily Carr last year). We've been impressed both times. We've yet to stroll their permanent collection...must put that on the list.!

Here are some pictures of the Old Port and some of the ships moored for winter at the docks.

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