Monday, August 18, 2008

Close to Home - Las Mariachis in Phoenixville

Always in search of authentic Mexican food we followed the recommendation of a Chowhound message board entry and drove up to Phoenixville (northwest of Villanova) to search out Las Mariachis. Located in a primarily residential area of old downtown Phoenixville, the restaurant is located on the ground floor of a corner building at 201 Gay St. It is a small, high ceilinged space that seats about 30 (but also offers take-out). The walls are painted pink (rosa) and detailed with painted “bricks” around the windows, stylized roses, and a virgin mary. Sequined decorated mariachi hats adorn the walls and pinats sit on a shelf in the corner. Mexican kitsch at its best and most honest. We had a delightfully helpful and friendly waitress. We tried the ceviche of the day (with shrimp) which was fresh and refreshing. Corn chips were homemade and fresh. Salsa (red and green) spicy (but not too). I had the carnitas with beans and rice and warm corn tortillas (very good). Jerry had the carnitas in a salsa verde (green chili sauce)…it was excellent. I tried one of the pork tamales and was delighted to see it served without sauce…sauce was offered but they didn’t immediately assume you wanted it smothered in sauce past recognition (which many restaurants do and isn’t what my experience was growing up in a Hispanic neighborhood of Los Angeles county). The menu is divided up between 3 “spacilties” Mexcian, Tipica, and Tex-Mex. So there is something for everyone. I didn’t ask what region the Tipica food is from because I zeroed in the carnitas immediately…next time I’ll ask. And there WILL be a next time…soon.


Doreen Orion said...

Come on out our way, and I'll introduce you to 3 Margaritas. (It's a local chain - and they serve far more than 3!)

Annette's Other Blogs said...

You're time our travels take us anywhere near the Rockies...we'll be there!