Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tonh sun nhut airport (saigon)

We are waiting for our flight to Danang...plan to spend 4 nights in Hoi An where, rumor has it, it has finally stopped raining good since we got soaked there last week. I mean soaked!!!!!

Checked in with time to watch the Phillies celebrate their world series win on the TV in the gate area!!! Very fun. We are now watching championship badminton betweeb malaysia and china!! I was hoping for the chelsea/hull football game. I am afraid I can not really get into badminton...doubles at that!

Its a sunny warm day but not nearly as hot and humid as when we first arrived in vietnam...thankfully.

We are at an international terminal gate (altho we are flying domestic) as there was a fire at the domestic terminal a few days ago. Still haven't one was hurt but it did extensive damage.

Consequently our access to airport food etc is limited as we are sequestered from the passport controlled gates of international flights. Probably not a great loss.

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