Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rest and Recharge

Yesterday was a perfect day of resting and recharging. The day started out with snow which eventually turned to spitting rain. We gave ourselves permission to read, write, and rest in front of the fire. Watched a little Olympics. Ate a great lunch that Jerry fixed. Read some more (Malcolm Gladwell's What The Dog Saw). Then went for a walk in late afternoon around Old Montreal. We stopped into Olive et Gourmande on Rue St Paul west for coffee and their spectacular apple turnovers (really the best I've ever had anywhere...second in greatness only to their palmiers). We sat on high stools at a lovely wood table in a nice warm atmosphere and read the Gazette and drank coffee. We continued our walk and then ended up at home to enjoy the rest of a lazy afternoon with more reading and more Olympics.

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Joseph Hunkins said...

What a great travel blog! Lots of nice detail. I'm a fan of Montreal as well but have not been back in many years. I grew up an hour south of the city in NY state.