Saturday, July 24, 2010

Golden Tunnel at Knowth Passage Tomb, Ireland 2005

Tunnel at Newgrange, originally uploaded by abaesel.

one of our favorite days in our 2005 trip to Ireland was a cold dreary August day spent at Knowth, Newgrange and surrounding area. There were few other visitors and we were in no rush. This is one of my favorite photos I took from within the dimly lit innards of the Knowth Passage Mound.


Knowth said...

The passage in the photo is actually
inside the Knowth mound see

Here is the passage in the Newgrange mound

Best regards,

Annette B said...

Thanks Michael. I appreciate the comment and I've corrected my description. That's what happen when I try to remember a trip 4 years out without checking my notes.