Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Ribs Were Worth The Fall

Let's just say I'm happy that there was no one with a video camera in front of Fred Fleming's BBQ last night. 

Driving home from the airport we decided to pop into Fred's BBQ for take-out ribs, beans and slaw. It was late, we were hungry, we'd been traveling most of the day, and neither of us remembered what was in the refrigerator, if anything. 

I was hungry, so I over-ordered. 

So there I was with two big sacks full of ribs and things and sauce. 


Thunderstorm just off to the north. 

I was practically skipping out of the door to the car,  when in the dark I did not see the BRIGHT yellow line denoting the edge of a small curb. 

Jerry said, "I saw you coming, and then all of a sudden, you weren't there anymore. I thought, did she forget something?"

Then he saw the top of my head, then my nose, as I pulled myself up by the door handle of the car, gingerly testing if ankle and knee still worked.

"What happened?" It was all I could do to keep from saying "whaddya think?"

Instead..."I knee hurts...but I saved the ribs."

(p.s. bruised, scraped, sore, but I'm all in one piece. the ribs? worth the fall)

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