Friday, December 28, 2007

Las Vegas - Cowboy Christmas

Jerry and I went to Las Vegas in early December. It was a brief "pre-holiday" getaway to enjoy some great country music...Brooks and Dunn...Big and Rich. It was the week of the humongous National Rodeo Finals so there were bowlegs and cowboy hats everywhere you looked. At the Las Vegas Convention Center they hosted the "Cowboy Christmas" Gift Show selling everything from lariats to Swarkowski crystal studded jeans, from stetson hats to Lucchese boots, from cough medicine for horses to turquoise jewelry, from "ranch" style furniture to "practice" calves. There were buckles, saddles, spurs. You could get your cowboy boots polished. And of course you could watch the National Rodeo Finals on closed circuit TV.

This cowboy was the real deal!

These critters were for practicing calf roping! honest! Their back legs move! We thought it pretty funny but most took them pretty seriously.

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