Friday, December 28, 2007

Las Vegas Restaurants

We ate at two places we really liked. The first was Mariscos Vallarta (4425 E. Tropicana just off the Las Vegas Expressway). This was a very authentic and excellent (and casual) Mexican seafood restaurant. Jerry had the white fish, Annette had the shrimp. Yummmy!

The second restaurant was Rao's (pronounced Ray - o's). Rao's is a larger version of legendary TINY restaurant in New York City of the same name. We figured we'll never get a table at the NYC original, so the one at Caesar's will have to do. Great Italian food and atmosphere. Lemon Chicken is a speciality. Annette's gnocchi was very good (not miniature hockey pucks). Veal dishes also good. Great service.

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Caitlin said...

Hey, Uncle Jerry & Aunt Annette! Caitlin Ryan saying hello...I just saw your Christmas letter (cute) and I'm enjoying perusing your blog! I hope you're all well, it sure sounds like it.