Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We have not dropped off the planet!

I guess we've been traveling so much we haven't had time to post! We promise to do better. In the meanwhile if you'd like to see some of our photos from Costa Rica travel check out my photo Click on the "travel" sets and then on "costa rica".

Other news? Our house is up for sale and so we're in that perpetual mode of picking up the house and trying to keep it show ready at the drop of a hat (ugh). We're trying to get the remodel of our new place in St. Petersburg going (argh). We finally got a student visa for Yaric and he'd started at Full Sail University (with Jason) in February (and moved in as one of Jason's roommates). So we've had several trips to Orlando to get him settled (and Jason since they moved to a bigger apartment). Trips to see Mom in So Cal finish the list of "what the heck have you been doing instead of blogging".

Coming up? New York in May and Nashville's Country Music Fest in June...promise to post.

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