Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dairy Queen

An open letter of appreciation to Warren Buffett (who is a principal stockholder of DQ).

Dear Mr. Buffett,
I have long shared your interest in Dairy a good Butterfinger Blizzard and the chocolate dipped cone. Imagine my surprise and pleasure in finding a DQ conveniently located in the Phnom Penh, Cambodia airport. After 3 weeks of excellent south east asia food and drink, I still hadn't been satisfied with vietnamese or cambodian ice cream...not bad, just a different creature altogether. So that mocha almond fudge blizzard at the cambodian airport was a little slice of nirvana. And the service was excellent! The young woman proudly turned the blizzard upside down to demonstrate its firmness...with a big smile.

I have yet to have a good feeling whenever I see a KFC or PIzza Hut in downtown saigon...but the DQ was a delight.

Respectfully Yours.
Annette Baesel
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