Friday, October 24, 2008

You CAN sweat in the pouring rain!

Visited ankor wat and ankor thom and environs today outside of Siem Reap. Wow!!! Overwhelming. Jerry thinks they are even more impressive that any of the ruins in the Yucatan or Mexico...and that is saying something! Wait until I get the pictures up with some commentary. We had rain, sun, clouds, and rain again. And it was sticky humid (the mantra for the group was "I am NOT hot...I am NOT hot".) And we'd practically end up in a pile up whenever we'd stop suddenly when we'd feel a breeze that we didn't want to "lose". Pretty funny.

I've only got a few minutes left on my "30 minutes" here at the hotel. Tomorrow we leave for Phnom Penh for two nights at the old grand dame the "Raffles Hotel". Except for the 5 AM wake up call, I'm really looking forward to it.

Cambodia is very green and very wet (at the moment). The people are gracious and graceful. And they are making every tourist dollar count! Again...another phenomenon in southeast asia...another phoenix rising from its ashes.

More later.

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