Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chips Anyone?

My husband loves fish and chips.  He is always trying to find the perfect Fish and Chips spot. And we came pretty close to it last night at Brit and Chips on McGill in Old Montreal.

Brit and Chips serves Cod, Haddock, Salmon, Hake and (sometimes) a fish of the day in various different batters. I had the Haddock in a Maple Syrup Batter, Jason had the Cod in the Burgundy Lion Batter, and Jerry had the salmon in the Guinness Batter.  All the fish was moist and flaky. Jason thought his was a bit too greasy.  Jerry's and mine were fine.  I loved the slight sweetness of the Maple Syrup Batter but I think Jerry's salmon was the best tasting fish.

The chips (fries) were excellent.  Flavorful and served piping hot. Jerry had the mushy peas which he said were good, but Jason and I just can't get into the concept of mushy peas to begin with so no opinion from us.  Jason refused to eat what looks like "baby food" and they remind me to0 much of the canned green peas I grew up on and hated.

Jason also ordered the Tandoori Popcorn Shrimp, small shrimp in a Tandoori flavored batter.  Very good. The short beer selection was a good selection.  They have our new favorite Newcastle Brown Ale which was as good with Fish and Chips as it was the other night with Indian food at Gandhi's. 

The room is a pleasant,well-lit,  long skinny room with an open kitchen and a high top counter and a number of small (mostly two person) tables. Take Out is available.  Brit and Chips is located at 433 Rue McGill in Old Montreal.  They are open 7 days a week.  Website: www.britandchips.com

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Anonymous said...

Brit & Chips sounds amazing. For me it is nearly impossible to find a restaurant that serves a decent serving of fish and chips.