Saturday, January 7, 2012

Enjoying the Bounty of the Market

Yesterday we enjoyed a great brunch made at home almost exclusively with what we bought at Marche Jean-Talon.  My friend Kelly who lives here in Montreal came to visit.  I came to know Kelly through Twitter some years ago and first met her IRL (in real life) when Jerry and I went to see her photography and art card work at a local art/craft market.  She's very talented (google "chickapug" or "pugadee" if you'd like to see one of her amusingly quirky creations).Well, here I'll post it:

by Kelly Brown available thru Etsy at
For brunch we served pan-fried arctic char and a starter of smoked trout that we purchased from Les Delices de la Mer.  I roasted brussel sprouts, "rainbow" carrots, and shallots.

 Jason blanched and then broiled asparagus (white and green) served w/ freshly grated parmesan cheese.  Kelly brought excellent fresh cut fruit from Eden (at Galleries du Parc).

Dessert was an EXCELLENT Tarte Tatin that Jason made with russet apples, ice wine (apple), and puff pastry dough from Pain d'Or
And we also had a plate of 3 excellent raw milk cheeses from Que Lait Cru w/ a few more russet apples.

We drank a Orvieto Classico and tried Jason's Honey Wine (or Mead) with dessert.  Both very good. A game of Rummikub and a spot of tea with more conversation capped off a delightful (and delicious) afternoon. And I just remembered...there is a little of the Tarte Tatin leftover. Bye!

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