Sunday, November 25, 2007

Matt and Nat - Annette's Weakness

On one of Annette's first trips to Montreal she found a cute handbag at Simon's made by "Matt & Nat". On sale. She bought it. She had no idea she was started a long term passion/addiction. Matt & Nat make "vegan friendly" high quality handbags made out of synthetic material (as they say cruelty free). Reasonably priced and really attractive. Fortunately (or unfortunately however you'd like to look at it) there is a great little boutique on the 1st floor of our building called Delano's. They always have new Matt & Nat offerings every time we come to visit. This time was no different than any other. Annette has a new purse...a vegan friendly, cruetly free purse to wear when she wears her sheared beaver fur. No one has ever accused her of being consistent! She just likes what she likes.

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