Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weehawken - Who Knew?

Weehawken (neighbor of Hoboken and Secaucus) New Jersey is what we normally drive through on the way to the Lincoln Tunnel. The only things I knew about it was that the "last exit before toll" would land you in Weehawken and that, according to a banner displayed across the highway, Weekawken is the Embroidery Capital of the US ofA. To me it was just part of that incredibly densely populated and slightly down on its luck area of Jersey across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Well, the view across that river is SPECTACULAR. And it's luck is definitely changing. I drove to Weekawken to meet my friend Peg at Arthur's Landing, a restaurant we had heard about with great views of Manhattan. Peg took the 7 minute ferry ride from the 39th Street pier in Manhattan and I drove in to meet her at the Ferry Terminal. Down on the waterfront there are new luxury townhomes, plans for condos, a new beautiful ferry terminal with plenty of parking and Arthur's Landing which indeed DOES have wonderful, wonderful views of the city...we watched dusk settle and the lights of night illuminate the skyline. We had a very good dinner and toasted our good fortune to be friends on another adventure! If you ever want to make a day trip to the city and don't want to drive in and hassle with having to park...try getting off at the "last exit before toll" and make your way to Pershing Road and the Waterfront. Take the ferry and enjoy the view! - Annette

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