Saturday, November 24, 2007

Route 9W North to Quebec

Last Sunday morning refreshed from the great bed at Hampton Inn (they really do have great mattresses and bed linens) we drove up to Montreal. Having enjoyed parts of Route 9W at 35 mph the day before, we decided to see how we liked Route 9 at the posted speed limit! Just as lovely. The day was clear, blue, mild, and autumn colors abounded. We drove along the shores of Lake George and Lake Champlain. Everything was being put to bed for winter. Resorts were shuttered, miniature golf course were closed with all the statues and decorations wrapped in tarps and duct tape, umbrellas were down, signs were covered up, the smell of wood fires filled the air. It was really peaceful. Lot's of signs said "See you next May" or "Thanks for a Great Season". Our favorite? "Closed for the Season. Reason?....Freezin'!!"
Big red barns all had their hay conveyor belts leaning out of the second story windows as farmers got in the last hay of the season. We drove by fields of dried corn stalks, rotting pumpkins, potato fields freshly turned for the season, Brussels sprouts still on the stalk, and apple and pomegranate orchards. The "snowmobile crossings" signs were up and a few late season squadrons of snow geese flew south overhead. They knew what we did not...that 3 days later the fields would be covered by snow.

We stopped for a quick walk in the VERY chill air to look at a part of Ausable Chasm. Apparently, it is the "oldest outdoor natural scenic attraction" in the US. 133 years old. Of course they aren't referring to it's geological age...but apparently from when people first came to "experience" it. What little we saw of it was spectacular and we hope to return to take the 3 mile trail (river, waterfalls, etc) and the rafting trip. Check out for more information.

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