Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lunch at Cave Man Kitchens

When we lived in the Seattle area in the 90s one of our regular "funky" places for lunch (or dinner) was the Cave Man Kitchen at 807 W Valley Hwy in Kent (a suburb south of Seattle, WA). Cave Man is a motley collection of single story ramshackle buildings housing a series of "smokers" where they smoke a variety of meat to perfections. There is a "order" counter where you can order sandwiches, hams, turkeys, dinners, sides, etc. Fabulous pork BBQ sandwiches are my favorites. I had a few hours to kill so went in search of the Cave Man to see if it was still in operation. It was...EXACTLY the same. All food is "to go" and since it was drizzling the picnic tables weren't particularly inviting. So armed with a dozen paper napkins I ate, very happily, in my car. yummmmy! They also do catering and custom smoking (bring in your own they say on their website "you choke 'em, we'll smoke 'em).

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