Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two Great Locals Spots in One Day

Hungry for a hamburger at lunch time we went to the Dairy Inn on 9th (address). This modest fast food establishment with picnic benches is always busy and sometimes VERY busy. We ordered their “almost famous” burger which was perfect. It was as good as Five Guys (sshhh…don’t tell because we really like Five Guys). And they had shoestring fries(my favorite) and a terrific vanilla shake. They also have soft serve icecream…but we were too full to try one of the sundaes…THIS time. They also have salads, philly cheesesteaks, hot dogs, and numerous other sandwiches…but we will go for the burgers!

This evening we joined our friends Ronnie and Ellen at the Old Northeast Tavern at 201 7th Ave North (on the corner of 7th Ave North and 2nd Street North in the Old Northeast…where else). A locals spot with two rooms: one a large pub bar with a GIGANTIC TV and board games and a quieter but still friendly dining room. Guiness on tap (as well as a slew of other beers). Had an excellent pear and mixed green salad and a think crust garlic shrimp pizza. Not so loud we couldn’t talk…always a bonus. Good service. We will be back…its walking and biking distance from the house.

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