Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunday in Seattle

Sunday dawned gray and drizzly. I let the boys sleep in recuperating from travel the day before. Around noon we ventured out and headed down towards Elliott Bay in search of Easter lunch. Jason remembered Cutter's a fabulous seafood restaurant down by Pike's Market. Fortunately for us Cutter's is still in business, still fabulous and had room for us. We ate oysters (yaric and i loved them, Jason gamely tried one and didn't gag but that's the best he'll say about it), wild coho salmon, macadamia nut covered tilapia, an apple cobbler, and great wine. It was wonderful to sit in the festive room overlooking Elliott Bay watching the ferries crisscross the bay. It brought back memories of many other sunday lunches at Cutters during our years here including their fantastic garlic rosemary focaccia that you can smell the minute you walk in the door.

After lunch we walked through Pike's Public Market which was largely open for business. It was wondeful: interesting crafts, wonderful flowers, chukar cherries, art, views across the rainy Elliott Bay to the harbor, buskers playing guitar and singing. Again, we were walking in memories through the market of so many weekend visits in search of vegies, fruits, fish, "teeny" donuts, coffee, and flowers...always the flowers.

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