Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gelati in Old Montreal

Les Delices de l'Erable at 84 Rue St Paul west in Old Montreal is as its name implies a retailer of all things maple. But what we love about the place is it gelati counter. They of course always have a few that contain maple syrup (or maple chunks...one of my favorites) but they have a wide assortment of fabulous fruit gelatis (today's strawberry was incredible and jerry always loves the 2 scoops for price of 1 coconut gelati). We've been going there for years and have noticed that they have a reduced assortment these days (we really miss the meringue ice cream they used to sell in the summer) and they sometimes run out before they close in the evening. Hope this is just a temporary glitch and not a sign of financial issues, because their closing would be a true loss to the neighborhood.

So if you are out and about in Old Montreal, do me a favor. Get yourself to Les Delices de L'Erable and have yourself a couple 0f scoops...you'll thank me for it!

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