Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Out & About In Montreal

Slept in then lounged around watching the Germany vs Argentina quarter final game. Finally the lovely sun streaming in the window (and our growling stomachs) got us up and out of the apartment. Drove up to Jean Talon for early lunch at Bombay Masala. As always, fabulous chicken korma, lamb biryani, and naan for a very reasonable price. Now fortified for an explore we headed off to the Jean Talon Market for avocados and tomatoes.

oh, and a mango gelato

and berries

With our larder stocked up (also bought some spices and balsami creme/glaze), we drove down to St Catherine near The Village...where the street is closed off to cars and restaurants have built outdoor terrasses for the summer and artist set up their wares in white tents. It was a popular spot today.

After an hours walk, we decided to go back home for a nap and the end of the Spain/Paraguay quarter final. Good idea, except Rue de la Commune our route home was jammed with holiday goer traffic. Just jammed. So what to do? Take pics out the window of the car. And wish I had remembered a bottle of water.

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