Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Big Apple - Day Three

The Cafe Edison (or as we and New York regulars call it the Polish Tea room). This is a great New York diner located in the Edison Hotel on 47th street between Broadway and 8th. It is a bustling, formica-topped tabled, 3 meal a day diner that serves great corned beef, good tuna salad, fabulous breakfasts, and the BEST matzo ball soup. (apparently great gefilte fish too, if that is your pleasure)
(to the left...Jerry reading the morning paper at Cafe Edison)

The Cafe Edison was long the favorite haunt of Neil Simon (he apparently loved the matzoh ball soup too.) Supposedly its popular with Broadway celebrities but I guess we're always so intent on the food that we've never seen any there.! However, this is not a ritzy least not now. But over 70 years ago it was the hotel's grand ballroom and you can still see that "life" reflected in the ceilings, walls, and columns which are decorated like a wedding cake in white and pastels and with bas relief doodads. The chandeliers are still there too.

Service is brisk and efficient...we've had the same european accented talldrink of water waitress the past few days (she's almost as tall as the Coca Cola refrigerated cooler). The night time "cash register lady" is a good-humored straight talking woman (I like your purse, where did you get it? is it heavy? can I lift it? TJ maxx? really? here in Manhattan?) but really...try the matzoh ball soup!

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