Friday, May 16, 2008

A Special Treat on Broadway

Colleen and I spent the afternoon with Peg at Macy's (you haven't lived until you've seen Peg's eyes light up when she enters the "pretty" shoe department on Floor 5 at Macy's. ) Honest...when we asked for directions to shoes the Macy's employee asked if we were interested in the comfortable shoes or pretty shoes!!!!

Then after a much needed nap (tuckered out from our adventures in the subway, exploring St. John the Divine, and elbowing our way through a Macy's shoe sale) we set off with Jerry for dinner and a Broadway show. Dinner was at a very good Thai restaurant, Wondee Siam at 792 9th Ave. It is a small "cash only" restuarant (seats only 20). The food was very good and the menu was varied and although it had many of the "staples" of a Thai restaurant it also had a number of less traditional items. Service was very efficient and friendly. It's a if you want a beer with your spicy noodles...better bring it with you.

After dinner we walked to the newly renovated Longacre Theatre on 48th Street (between 8th and 7th) to see Boeing, Boeing starring Christine Baranski, Bradley Whitford, Mary McCormack,
Mark Rylance, and Gina Gershon. It was a very funny, VERY funny play. Loved it and was very happy to be able to score some last minute tickets. (Thanks David for telling us about it).

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Jennie said...

Such fun to read about your travels (and food adventures). I live vicariously through you, Annette!