Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mockingbirds and Memories

Flew down to Tampa/St. Pete yesterday. Have rented a teeny apartment about 10 short blocks from our St. Pete house...giving us a place to stay when down here to check on progress (????) on renovations and remodeling. This morning when i walked out of the apartment into the lushly landscaped center courtyard, the air was filled with the sound of mockingbirds. And whoosh, just like that I was transported back to my youth growing up in So California. Isn't it interesting, what sounds and smells can transport someone back to another place and time. Mockingbirds, house sparrows, gardenias...are all things that bring back wonderful memories of Call Street in Pico Rivera...long summers (although not nearly as humid as this morning in St. Pete!!!)...laying in bed on a Saturday morning listening to industrious sparrows in the guava bush outside my window...the smell of gardenias coming into the kitchen window from the row of gardenia bushes planted along our neighbors house. I wonder what sounds and smells I will miss from 510 Northwick?

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