Thursday, February 26, 2009

Miscellaneous Photos from a Wonderful Week in Montreal

The BMO ferris wheel...part of the MOntreal High Lights Festival...I wonder how many people actually go up in that thing in the freezing cold...maybe they have foot warmers in the little gondolas?
Jerry and CArol on a snowy day on Rue St Paul in Old Montreal

Jerry and the snow...and loving it...really!

Rue St Paul in Old Montreal...Jerry and CArol on a stroll

Jerry Allman on Place Jacque Cartier...

CArol and Annette roasting marshmellow in the snow...YUMMMY!

A young Montrealer girl waiting with barely concealed anticipation for her freshly made maple sugar snow candy.

And here is how you make it...snow, maple syrup, a stick, and ROLL!

Carol in her warm the snow flakes streaking by!

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Jennie said...

Oh, we must come to make maple snow candy - Laurel loves to read about it in her little house books.

What a fun trip to Montreal - even I might like the snow a bit. Not the ferris wheel though.