Monday, February 23, 2009

Montreal High Lights Festival (La Fete de la lumiere)

One of the reasons we came up to Montreal for this week in February was to enjoy the festivities of the Montreal High Lights Festival which takes place over a 10 day period primarily in Old Montreal but also in select locations throughout Montreal. There are special orchestra and musical performances, Cirque performances at Tohu (the circus school and performance venue), special dinner and culinary events throughout the city, and a whole series of winter celebrations in Old Montreal and the old port...including the 120 foot long "ice slide" that runs down Jacques Cartier plaza, ice skating, a ferris wheel, a spot where you can roast sausages or marshmellows (like we did yesterday in the falling snow), hot cider stands, "make your own" maple syrup lollipop in the snow stands, live music performances, warm bars in lighted yurt like tents, Fireworks, an all night party (Nuit Blanche) and a fabulous "Spectacle" on the 1`st Saturday of the event. We bundled up on Saturday and walked over to the Pointe de Calliere/Place Royale area where the "Spectacle" was set to begin. It was fabulous! And words do not suffice except to say it was a melange of music, lights, fireworks, cirque performances, special effects, and magic. The pictures tell a better story:

More photos are on my flickr page:

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