Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where does the snow go?

I've seen the convoys of snow eating bulldozers with special "spitters" where the bulldozers suck and chew up the snow from the street (or frozen slush as the case may be) and blows it into the back of a large dump truck until the truck is full and another truck takes its place. So where do those trucks go? Well one place is the large former train yard that runs along the 1-20 west of Montreal. We drove past there today on the way home from the airport and saw mountains of snow lined up where there were no mountains before. The dump trucks drive up and then in a reverse action, they dump the snow onto a conveyor belt that takes the snow to some "sucking/spitting" devise that then blow/spits the newly ground up snow and ice up onto big mountains of snow. And then I guess they wait until spring?

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