Saturday, June 21, 2008

ST. Pete to Hilton Head

Set off on the last leg of our 3 week sojourn through 13 states. Stopped in Orlando for lunch with jason (and a trip to Border's where Jason acquired much coveted Manga novels courtesy of mom). Then it was north on the I-4 to the 95. The area between Sanford and the 95 is mostly pine forest with palmetto understory and occasional commecial developments and signs indicating that homes are coming to the area. Once on the 95 heading north we went through Daytona (home not only of the speedway but of the "largest Harley DAvidson dealer". We zipped through jacksonville blessedly missing any of the traffic we usually hit (they have massive highway construction going on). Saw the Barack Obama motorcade (a gazillion cop cars and motorcycles, big bus, couple of black official looking cars, and a hovering helicopter overhead). He was going to jacksonville for a press conference....working Florida already.

The 95 through Georgia streams north and south mainly through a series of pine forests, river crossing, and marsh grass lined sloughs and wetlands. if you keep your eyes straight ahead it sometimes seems boring...but take the time to look down the rivers and sloughs...well, it makes you wish for a flat bottom boat and some mosquito repellent and the time to explore a few of them.

Crossed into S. CAroline and soon took a eastward turn at offramp #8 and headed to Hilton Head for the evening. WE had a FABULOUS meal at Red Fish Restaurant...probably the best meal of the trip. It's a charming, sprawling, multi-roomed, wine filled walled, restaurant. We had the dominican slow cooked pork and some interesting and tasty salads. Very good service. And HUGE wine list. Spent the night at a Holiday Inn Express with HUGE rooms...we could have a southern debutante ball in this one. And now...we're off to the Great Dismal Swamp.

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