Monday, June 23, 2008

Woken by the smell of smoke!

No it wasn't our hotel that was on is the Great Dismal Swamp that has been apparently been smoldering for months. It was a lightning sparked fire that moved into the peat bogs and in essentially acting like a big peat fireplace...they are now trying to drown the fire with water pumped in to drown it out. You can smell it everywhere and when the wind shifts (like it did that morning) you can smell it inside your nice Hilton Garden Inn hotel room. The smoke moves across the region depending on wind conditions. Over on the East Shore of the Chesapeake they even have the fog horns come on in the middle of day because of the low lying smoke...yucko!

So this was our last day on the road for a bit. We drove north along State Route 13 over the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel and Bridge. We drove up to Salisbury Md where we hoped to visit the Delmarva Great Chicken Festival...but sadly it had been a friday/saturday festival...the chickens had gone home (along with the "world's largest chicken frying pan"...I kid you not!). So we ate at English's Chicken restaurant instead, bought watermelon, cantaloupes, and peaches from roadside stands and headed home up through maryland.

Got home to see happy cats, a MOUNTAIN of mail, a garden in a riot of colors, and my bed!!! was GREAT to sleep in my bed!

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