Tuesday, June 17, 2008

St. Pete in June

Have had a nice few days so far. Have had productive meetings with our architect. We have discovered a couple new places to eat that don't violate our new nutritional goals (on the way to be healthier and thinner people). And we've had some really nice drives and walks. Our best find for new restaurant is "Red Mesa" on 4th St somewhere in the 40s. Latin inspired food. It was PACKED for lunch and should be. Jerry had the pork verde which was very good. I had a seared scallop salad with tomatoes, hearts of palm, and pine nuts with a light vinagrette....excellent.

Drove out to St. Pete Beach area on the weekend and had dinner at a "fish place" at St. John's Pass. An area that defines the word "touristy" but it has great views and is very festive.

We saw dolphins in the channel from our dinner table. There were also lots of egrets, herons, and laughing gulls in addition to the dolphins in the water.

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