Friday, August 1, 2008

Eating, Walking, Snapping (pictures) and Shopping

Shucker's - "World Famous Raw Bar" - Woods Hole, Cape Cod, MA

A delightful casual spot on Eel Pond in Wood's Hole with covered patio dining and a casual bar. We had a great meal. I had GREAT steamers with a fabulous herbed broth. Jerry had the "italian" Mussels which he liked (although they were only warm not hot). Peg was craving she said "after 5 weeks of fish" and had a wonderful burger. Jeff enjoyed his cioppino and Em liked her scrod. The corn on the cod was REAL... freshly prepared corn on the cob...not the soft mushy steamed corn that you get so many places. It was sweet and firm. The cherrystones appetizer was fresh, fresh, fresh...very tasty.

Late Afternoon in Quissett Harbor

Wednesday afternoon Peg, Jeff and Em went for a sail in Peg and Jeff's Herreshoff S-Class Sail Boat. The Aeolus was built in 1932 and 1997 - 2000 by Doug Cooper in Sippowissett on Cape Cod. Peg and Jeff bought Aeolus in 2006 and sail her when they come to Cape Cod every summer. She is moored in Quissett Harbor. While they went sailing, Jerry and I walked around the very pretty harbor and took the trail out to "The Knob" which is a small rocky knoll at the end of the spit of land that forms one side of the entrance to the Harbor. I took my cameras and we took pictures of Aeolus as she sailed out of the harbor and out in Buzzard's Bay. I'll post a couple of pictures here...the complete set is at my flckr site:

Girls Outing in Falmouth

Peg and I took a couple of hours and went into Falmouth for some girl time. Went and had manicures at 10 Perfect Nails on Main Street. Then we popped into The Black Dog to check out their "summer day" sale and walked across the street to Rosie Cheeks a wonderful boutique which has beautiful and unusual clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Beautiful fibers and fabrics. Then we popped down to Falmouth Harbor area and visited one of Peg's favorite needlepoint stores.

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