Monday, August 18, 2008

From the Air

Flew from Philly to Los Angeles on Saturday. It was a beautiful day across most of the U.S. I had my wonderful little Panasonic Lumix camera with the leica zoom lens, so I tried experimenting with taking pictures out of the plane window. It really is a wonderful little camera. Here are a few pictures of Chicago, mid-west farmland and small farm towns, clouds over Colorado somewhere, red rocks of the area around St. George Utah, Las Vegas, the southern California mountains and high desert, and Los Angeles. My favorites are the clouds which look like a herd of flying sheep to me and the “sky view” of Randy’s Donus…an iconic donut stand just near the airport (and always my last stop before going to the airport to fly home…the best donuts…yes better than Dunkin Donuts by far!)
Chicago and Lake Michigan

A large river and farmland somewhere in probably Iowa or Missouri

Somewhere over Nebraska or Kansas - Who let the sheep out?

Red Rocks of Utah (near St. George)

Somewhere in Utah (I think) or eastern Nevada - an interesting illustration of the effects of irrigation and the influence of a river in what otherwise is desert!

Las Vegas Strip and McClaren Airport

1)Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains east of Los Angeles...that is Hesperia and Victorville in the distance

2) Hacienda Heights from the air - the house with the pool is Rey and Eva's house!

3) Los Angeles residential area - somewhere between downtown L.A. and the airport and north of Santa Monica Freeway

Randy's usual last stop before checking in my rental car and heading home on US Air. Love their chocolate donuts! Just the best (sorry Dunkin' Donuts)


Doreen Orion said...

Gorgeous pics, Annette! (But, they still don't make me want to get on a plane!)

Annette's Other Blogs said...

First class upgrades help!