Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good Food, Great Park and MORE good food!

Le Cartet

Tuesday we were up fairly early and decided to walk over to McGill to have breakfast at Le of our favorite breakfast spots in Old Montreal. They have remodeled since we were there last. They now have an open kitchen, rearranged the counter, have enlarged their "takeout" selection, and have the coolest hanging lights. Fortunately the food is as good as it ever was. I had the Brunch Sante: two poached eggs on toast with, I believe, arugula. Le Cartet granola with yogurt, and fruit and a little cheese. Jerry had the Brunch des Cantons which came in a skillet!!! (i should have taken a picture). Egs, canadian ham/bacon, bacon, beans, and potatoes. Great beans! Next time we'll order ONE of those and share! located at 106 McGill in Old Montreal.

Walk around the Old Port of Montreal

Needing to walk off the larger than expected portions of breakfast we walked around the old port. It was a beautiful morning (see photos below). There were several interesting boats in the a long wooden motor cruiser called the Dolphin. She is in fantastic shape and beautiful. A little searching on the web came up with this: Built in New York and launched in 1929 from Consolidated Shipyards, this beautiful river boat was acquired by the Simard family from Sorel, Canada and has been maintained in pristine condition by the following two generations. The 67’ hull is made out of mahogany and she still runs in the summertime the rivers of Eastern Canada. There was also a beautiful sailboat/motor cruiser called the Cheshire Cat from St Joseph, Missouri!!! Boy I bet she has stories to tell.

Park Bois de l'ili Bizard

Then it was off to another park...this time...the other end of Montreal...Park Bois de l'ile Bizard. THIS WAS FABULOUS! It has a naturally sandy beach on Lac duex montagnes, a fishing pier, and lots of walking and biking path through beautiful forests and swamps/bogs/wetlands. It has wonderfully maintained boardwalks over the wet areas and bird, birds, birds. We saw beaver lodges (3 that we saw easily from the boardwalks), too. We saw the very secretive (and small) least bittern (photo below), turtles sunning side by side with ducks, parents teaching their kids about dragonflies and bugs, and beautiful skies. It was just great. And again..we didn't even get to all of the park...another day. for more info:

Ran a few errands (checking out light fixtures) and then decided to eat on the way home at one of our favorite places - Le Croissanterie on Hutchinson and Fairmont near Rue Laurier. We've eaten there a number of times and always like the simple casual bistro atmosphere and simply but deliciously prepared food. We had delicious salads (again...the house and the chevre chaud) and split a nicely prepared grilled chicken breast with vegies and mashed potatoes. We are on a white marble table top under a panoply of creme colored chandeliers. There is an open kitchen, dark brick walls and brick colored floor and big windows overlooking the terasse. I beat Jerry in a really close game of dominoes (it went into "overtime")...yeah!

So between the long walk, the longer bike, fresh air, and really good food...I was in bed by 9:30 and as Jerry said "was asleep almost before I finished saying "I have to go to sleep now".

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