Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Fireworks!

I know I've blogged about the International Firework Competition more than once (and just earlier today) but I love it! They are fabulous 30 minute plus shows and I don't have to fly to Disneyland or wait until the 4th of July to see them. Tonight was the grand finale ending 6 weeks of competitive displays (once or sometimes twice a week).

We've watched the fireworks hanging out our 3rd floor window and while standing in the middle of Rue de la Commune (which had come to a stop with traffic) while Jason smoked a cigar. We've walked to the river's edge with beach chairs and staked out a spot (reading while waiting and enjoying watching all the power boats line up in the marina entrance below us). Tonight we watched them from the rooftop terrace at our apartment. We were about 7 stories up and the view was fabulous. The rain had stopped (about 15 minutes beforehand) and the skies had cleared. There were other neighbors watching from the roof as well.

It was the best..AND I got some pictures...using the railing as a makeshift tripod. Here are a few....

of course...there are a few more on my flickr site.

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Jennie said...

Laurel and I loved these - especially the white one over the bridge.
Your travels always make me hungry. I always feel peckish after reading your blog!