Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In the Land of Moon Pies

We are in Somerset, Kentucky. It is a small town near the large recreational Lake Cumberland in south central Kentucky. There are many older buildings in the downtown built around the turn of the 1900s. Although this is supposedly a happening tourist town related to Lake Cumberland, it isn't happening downtown...a lot of the building are empty. But it's neat and tidy. And there is a Food Fair....

In search of diet ginger ale (still have stomach issues) we landed in the local Food Fair which closes SHARPLY at 8pm...so fortunately we were there at 7:50. And it was here that we discovered where all the fudgecicles are sold...I don't know about where you live but I can hardly every find fudgecicles much less fudge bars. Well here in Somerset...they have both and they have them in several different brands! Right in the same aisles were the Moon Pies. And a huge stand of soft drinks called Faygo. And soft drinks are the only drinks available here...its a dry town. when we were told about places to have dinner, we were told we could drive 5 miles to the next town if we "would like a drink with dinner". How quaint.

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