Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday in Nashville at the Loveless Cafe

The menfolk went out shooting...little orange disks...nothing animate. The womenfolk got to sleep in...yeah!!!! Once up and running we went to BlueShoes office (the agency who we got our CMA Fest package through) and signed up for NEXT YEAR! Yahooo. Then, not satisfied with cherries and cinnamon roll sticks, we drove out to Highway 100 on the outskirts of Nashville to eat lunch at the famed Loveless Cafe and Motel ( again!). The "motel" is now a series of shops (jewelry, pottery, art, and "ham and jams") which we wandered through while waiting for our buzzer to buzz. They said the wait would be 1 hour and 15 minutes but it only took 45 minutes. AGain...good country food...really good cucumber/onion salad....excellent fried chicken...what is it with tennessee fried is SO good (must be those Tyson plants in Eastern Tennessee).

This is the stuff you do when you've eaten yourself stupid!

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