Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"The List" for next year at the CMA Music Fest

Honky Tonkin'!!!!!
Line Dancing one afternoon
Remember to wear orthodics! (for colleen...remember to BRING orthodics)
Have breakfast again at Monell's and Pancake Pantry
Have another Pina colada at Joe Crab's (okay two)
The guys should go shooting more than once!
party until 4am ...oh sorry typo...that would be 4pm!
Go to trace's fan club party (and trisha's again)
marty stuart's late nite jam
Get tickets to Celebrity Series again
Get in early enough into Nashville so we can take a 2 hour nap so we can stay to the end of marty stuart's late nite jam. (I think jerry and I are going to get in the night before!!!)
Toes up time before each big show
Bring a white board!
Remember to "train" up the hill...zigzagging to save energy
Hall of Fame Museum
Bus tour of the stars homes.
have a drink at "The Stop" John Rich's bar on Broadway near the honky tonks.
Get down to the Riverfront Stage more (providing it isn't SO hot)

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Annette and Jerry said...

The BlueBird Cafe IF we have an open evening! We may have to arrive on Tuesday!!!!