Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 2nd - North to Montreal

Had a lovely days drive to Montreal...9 hours (including ½ hour at Woodbury commons mall, 15 minutes at Target for crackers, yogurt, and dried fruit, 2 gas-up stops, and a stop at the upstate NY visitor center, AND the border crossing). So a “quick” and uneventful drive up.

Made the traditional “first stop” at Costco for milk, cereal, and fruit. Lugged our wordly possessions up to #204. Dropped them where they landed and set off for dinner. We had mussels in mind for dinner and decided on Moulinsart on Rue St. Paul a short 1 block walk from the apartment. We sat in the center courtyard surrounded by old stone and brick walls and other happy diners. Moules Provencales for Jerry. Moules Mulinieres for me. Only one order of frites...didn’t ask for ketchup…jerry eats fewer that way…good trick! Nice salad. A close game of dominoes (Annette won…jerry says “of course”). Then off for an after dinner stroll along rue st. paul and over to rue de la commune and the port. It was a beautifully warm and breezy evening. Clear skies…just delightful. We were saddened to see that one of Annette’s favorite chocolate places on Rue St. Paul had gone out of business since February (with no signs indicating that they had perhaps just moved). A true loss for the street!

To bed early in a warm apartment. The air conditioner was, once again, on the fritz when we arrived. It’s a sad saga and not an unfamiliar one…one shared by more than one apartment as we share this gigantic thermopump thingie on the roof that keeps getting gunked up…supposedly fixed…but perhaps not? Fortunately it was breezy and not August.

Summer came late to Quebec this year…a long winter and a long spring. Apparently, it’s just now acting like summer…lucky us.

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