Sunday, July 6, 2008

Carifiesta 2008 - Montreal

This is a wonderful energetic parade that we first saw a bit of several years ago when Peg and Jeff were visiting. Carifiesta is an adaptation of the traditional pre-Lenten festivities which precede the Mardi gras Carnival celebrated throughout the Caribbean. The Carifiesta is modeled after the Trinidad & Tobago carnival with large costumes, calypso music, steeldrums, and hundreds of masqueraders dressed in exotic costumes. Over the years, the festival has adapted to include many groups of Haitian origins, with their own music and style of dress. Recently by some groups from the Latin, hiphop, and multicultural communities have joined. The parade is part of a weekend long festival which is featuresy shows, dances, performances featuring different types of Caribbean music-calypso, zouk, reggae, racine-as well as the vibrant music of steelbands. Colorful "bands" of brilliantly costumed performers fill the streets with high energy, music and dance. For a frull set of pictures taken yesterday taken yesterday at the parade see:

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