Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What is it with gas station bathrooms along I-78 in New Jersey???

Maybe it's that I'm spoiled by the service plazas on the Jersey Turnpike which are always well maintained despite the continuous stream of people who need to deal with the latte they consumed from the Starbucks 3 service plazas before. But both coming and going to Montreal we stopped to get gas along the 78 in New Jersey (gas being cheapest in jersey)BOTH stations had absolutely gross bathrooms...the last one was unusable for any one needing to sit on a seat or frankly even hover over the seat. AND apparently Jersey State laws do not required separate bathrooms for men and women...and girls you KNOW what bathrooms look like for men who most of the time don't worry about sitting down (or even hover near the seat)! if you must fill up in Jersey don't use the facilities on the stretch of 78 between the Pennsylvania border and the interchange with the 278.

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