Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hot Tuesday

Okay...it does get hot in Montreal. But just not as often. But today it was hot and yes...dare I say it? Humid!. I suppose its because we're planning on going home tomorrow and it was just getting us used to Philly weather...yes that's it.

Had "lunch" at Juliette et Chocolate today. Lunch (for me) consisted of a dark chocolate/raspberry brownie with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar cream and raspberry coulee....heaven on a dish...accompanied by rich, rich, rich hot chocolate au lait. OMG. (jerry sensibly had a chicken citrus salad). But all sense leaves me when I walk into that place...let Jerry eat sensibly for both of us. Sadly by ailing gallbladder did not take kindly to my diet of chocolate and cream. so no more gorging on chocolate until I get the durn thing out...scheduled for July 18th...not one day too soon if you ask me!

Went for a walk (once I recovered from the chocolate induced gbladder attack) this evening around the port. The "Belem" a three master barque from France was in port. The Belem is the last 19th century French trading ship still under sail.The Belem was put to sea in 1896. As a merchant vessel she crossed the Atlantic 33 times from 1896 to 1913. In those days, her single deck covered 153 square metres of hold containing up to 650 tons of goods and merchandise, mainly cocoa from Brazil, rum and sugar from the French West Indies. In 1914 the Belem was sold to the Duke of Westminster, turned into a private yacht, refurbished and fitted with engines. The newly refurbished Belem was put back to sea in 1985, the Belem Foundation having decided she would sail as a training ship.

She sailed to Quebec to join in the celebration of Quebec City's 400th Anniversary...she has sailed to Montreal for a visit before sailing to Gaspe and the maritimes and then back to Europe.
(info from the ship's website: http://www.foundationbelem.com/)

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Jennie said...

Yummers! Raspberry chocolate brownie? I'm drooling all over myself.
After this Bundt cake fiasco is over, that's my next one to tackle. It sounds divine!