Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rain down the Ohio River

After another fabulous breakfast at Bramble Creek Bed and Breakfast and a trip to the walk-in medical clinic (jerry's chest cold has gotten worse), we headed the car down the Ohio River once again...destination? somewhere in Kentucky. After two days of glorious weather today was gray and raining and at times POURING...complete with thunder and lightning and a tornado watch ...just a watch...no actual twister!

Again the drive down the Ohio was a curious mix of pastoral beauty and well kept farms interspersed with tired sagging buildings and massive power plants including the Gavin Power Plants which is the largest Coal fired power plant in Ohio...you drive right through it (pictures to post later).

We crossed the Ohio into Ashland Kentucky (the home town of the Judds and Billy Ray Cyrus!!!) where we ate at J&J Family restaurant....a place that time has truly forgotten! Wow...breaded porkchops, corn bread, hot roast beef sandwiches with the mashed potato and gravy ON TOP of the sandwich. Complete with an autographed photo of Naomi Judd behind the front counter. Truly an experience (and I believe we are still experiencing the after effects of those porkchops and hot roast beef sandwich).

Then back out into the rain and through the extremely beautiful countryside of Kentucky (rain or not).

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